The Wingfeather Saga: Character Design
The Wingfeather Saga: Prop Design
The Wingfeather Saga: Shirt Designs
Botanical Character Design: The Rose King
Botanical Character Design: Jack
Botanical World Character Design: Jacob
Botanical Character Design: Vera
Eli's Mecha Pilot Halloween Costume
Cheetah Adobe Character Animator Puppet
Earthworm Jim Suit Within A Suit Design
Hearthstone Card Mockup-Corgen
Hearthstone Card Mockup-Murlech
L&D Character Design Archive: Human
L&D Character Design Archive: Non-Human
L&D Animation Layout Design: Environments & Elements
"Rex" Adobe Character Animator Project
Geology-themed Character Design Variations
Graphic Novel Sample Page
Dragon breathing fire vector illustration
Fantasy Gorilla Warrior Cartoon Illustration
Illustration for Colleen Oakes' Novel, The Black Coats
Illustration for Colleen Oakes' Novel, Wendy Darling
Queen of Hearts Illustration Series
Personal Project Character Design
Customer Service Gone Awry Animated GIF
Robot Vector Cartoons
Tiger and Weasel Wedding Portrait
Robot Welder Book Cover Illustration
Hippo Walk Cycle Animation
Hearthstone Card Mockup-Chronohammer
Boarding Craft APC Mecha Design
Greek God Robot Forging Lighting Bolt on a Cloud
Weightlifting Beast Man Mascot Vector Illustration
Life with the Foxes!
Tough Soccer Mascot Vector Illustration
Green Slime Blob Monster or Creature
Young Grim Reaper Vector Cartoon Illustration
Girl Angel Spiking Volleyball Vector Cartoon
Tough Mechanic with Wrench Vector Cartoon
Muscular Tree Mascot Crushing Rock Vector Illustration
Vector Cartoon Hawk Mascot Kicking Soccer Ball
Arabian Sailor or Pirate Sitting on Barrel
Sharks Wearing People Clothes
3 Charging Anthropomorphic Rhinos Vector Cartoon
Personal Project Character Design
Dragon Concept Drawings
Walking Yellow Robot Vector Cartoon Illustration
T-Rex and Triceratops Watch the Apocalypse Together
Sci Fi Cyberpunk Junk Vines Seamless Tiling Background
Internet Outage Animation
"The Professor": 2D Traditional Animation
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