One of the more unexpected but delightful developments of my employment working on The Wingfeather Saga was that, in addition to my roles as character designer and prop designer, I was also asked to create marketing and merchandising art for the animated series. I was honored to design 2.75 of the currently available shirts currently for sale in the official store! I say .75 because the final version of the 3rd design with Leeli on the cliff with the sea dragon was a paintover done by our Art Director, the very talented Garrett Taylor. The final version of this shirt can be seen on the online store. The Toothy Cow was a lithograph-style drawover done over a 3d model from production, so it's guaranteed to be literally "on model". The first design with the Igibys, Sea Dragon, and Slarb the Fang was an adaptation of visual development art done by Nicholas Kole, with Slarb's design being based on a production model from the show.
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