One of my earliest memories was a quick drawing lesson, taught by my mother. Something must have sparked, because I've never stopped since, caught up in a love of craft, world building, and storytelling. I soon became aware that real people were responsible for the art that I most enjoyed, and I wanted to do that too.
Today I'm a visual development / concept artist and illustrator. Most recently I filled both of these roles working on The Wingfeather Saga, an amazing animated series now in production on it's second season. I'm focused on character and prop design for the animation, games, and entertainment industries. But I have a wide variety of artistic interests, from comics to pixel art to 3D modeling, and I've worked in several other creative fields for a wide variety of clients and employers, Including 3 animation industry companies.
So I don't just draw. I draw upon experience. #dadjokes. Because I'm also a very proud dad.
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